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tv   News  ABC  September 29, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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with the same thing muggy and temperatures still above average and showers and storms are possible as we go into the afternoon just like yesterday. but, the smile comes because it's going to be cooler as we go into the weekend. so, maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on a whole lot. we are getting a break from all that rain that we have been seeing. but like i said, don't put the umbrella away yet because going into afternoon, a chance for showers and thunderstorms. but into fallston the temperature coming in around 67 degrees. what we are dealing with this morning is the fact it's very foggy out there. we can see humidity coming in at about 100%. dew points and temperatures are the same and that's what you are dealing with the fog. make sure to have the low beams on as you step foot out the door. tanya has traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we have a fire reported townsend at 5th street. watch out for emergency vehicles and trite to avoid the intersection. let's look at our live traffic cameras starting out with 95. this is south of 100 south of the city most of our traffic is
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running southbound. northbound nothing in your way. 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel southbound we have a report of a broken down car in the right lane. looks like traffic is getting by fine. so not too much to worry about. be careful heading southbound of the northbound is all open. charley. it's being called. >> reporter: drive times are fine. >> go ahead. hit them. >> reporter: they are fine no issues with the drive times. so your regular times are good. >> very good. 5, 6, 6 and 7. a deadly food crisis one of the worst in a decade. this morning the number of listeria cases are on the rise and the death toll is climbing linked to the canteloupes tainted with listeria from colorado. corinne redman joins us with the latest. >> reporter: well, health detectives continue to gather the latest numbers linked to the food crisis. so far the tainted canteloupes is listed to 72 dayss of -- case of listeria and 16 deaths and there's fear there's more cases to come. they are working around the clock to track the spread of
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the dizziliest list -- led i did -- deadly he is list -- deadliest list tier yays out-- listeria outbreak. they shipped more than a million and half canteloupes to two dozen states. >> just the small number of listeria, doesn't make you sick right away. >> reporter: and public health officials say most of the bad canteloupes have been recalled and pulled from grocery shelves but they still urge the public to use caution. agents in massachusetts stopped a home grown terror plot. investigators say he was planning to blow up the pentagon and capital buildings by packpacking airplanes with explosives and fly them into his targets. >> c-4 is obviously a high
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explosive. in other words it can cause a tremendous amount of damage. >> so he said that by hitting the pentagon he would attack the head and heart of the snake. he is an american citizen and a graduate of northeastern university. 5:33. looking at news around the nation, only if you are not afraid of heights, this is an afternoon at the zoo taking a wrong turn. the monorail at the dallas zoo broke down leaving 30 people stranded 40 feet above the ground. they refunded the admission. and gave them free passes if they want to come back. but odds are they won't ride the monorail. this parrot didn't fly the coup someone took him away. watch the left of the screen. this video shows a man walk up in a illinois pet store and steal it. he removed it from the camming and walked out of the store -- cage and walked out of the store without paying for it
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valued at $500. for many people, saying bless you when someone sneezes is second nature but in california in classroom it will get you in trouble a high school health teacher says it's dies resultative but the sneeze is and knocked 25 points off one student's grade tore saying god bless you e says the policy has nothing to do with -- he says the policy has nothing 20 do -- has nothing to do with religion but doesn't work in his class and disrupts class night doesn't make sense-- >> it doesn't make sense in the old days they thought you were dispelling evil spirit out of your body so they said god bless you for getting rid of the evil spirits but today what you are doing doesn't make sense anymore. >> he has the right to their beliefs. but they don't have rights to impose those beliefs on other people and especially not school children. >> he says he won't hesitate todiscipline all of his students but not in that way anymore. it's a unique approach to
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raise awareness and money. how a man he's mattress in the parking space is getting people to open their ice and this got plenty of attention. the wrong type. why a mascot from new ice cream shop had many customers. [laughter] you are watching "good morning maryland" thanks for starting your day off with us.
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now "good morning maryland." an afternoon rainstorm caught people across new jersey off guard. mother nature's surprise sent many scram bowling safety. stuck cars -- scrambling to safety. stuck cars and water gushed so quickly it tore up roadways in some sparts of the state. >> it was scary. -- some parts of the state. >> it was scarry you saw debris down the road and in a matter of seconds cars are moving and piling up on top of one another. >> terrible deja vu moment in the communities soakedder earl ---- soaked earlier by hurricane irene. more rain could fall by the end
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of the day but we may have relief in sight in maryland. >> we are getting relief right now. but going into the afternoon we could see more showers and a thunderstorm and with that we could get heavier rain in there as we. that's a possibility. for september, we have gotten over 9 1/2 inches of rainfall. so wow. we do not need anymore rain i don't need to tell you that. as we look at the coastal flood advisory here in the blue, and then we do have a dense fog advisory for carroll county back in the gray, and that's until 9:00 this morning. the visibilities are reduced to about a mile. a quarter of a mile rather. and then we are looking at temperatures right now in chestertown at around 70 degrees. humidity is up there and again, the fog is the big issue this morning as we go into the afternoon. keep your rain gear around because you could use it. now over to tanya. how are the drive times right now. >> reporter: they are doing just fine. of course we will get to that in a minute. we have an accident in the cleanup stages on the jfx
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northbound at coldspring not affecting traffic. that is live look at beltway at frederick road outer loop has most of our volume right now. inner loop is moving well. 95 southbound at the fort mchenry tunnel in bore one a broken down car in the right lane. not really affecting traffic right now. so the left of the screen is the southbound traffic getting by. speaking of the drive times, harrisburg expressway southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes. traveling the outer loop, bel air to providence 6 minutes and 7 minutes to travel between 795 and 70. back to you. a unique fund raising effort is underway in francisco. a man soliciting donation for a homeless youth shelter is setting up a bed in a parking place meant for a car giving the homeless a place to rest and a place for him to ask donation toe pay $2 an hour setting on bed to raise awareness for kids who don't have beds. >> i think they should put laws in place to push the problem
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away. we should be changing it and coming up with a solution. >> he says the money he raises is going towards buying beds for a shelter. and look at this. what do you see? do you see a human ice cream cone or a kkk member? the florida shop said they were trying to get le opto come in and they are getting attention for it. at first they had no idea it was upsetting customers. but then they noticed businesses starting to drop and the store owner got tipped off that the cap according to some presidency. and athletes in the baltimore mayor team up to show their softer side towards animals. more on a new campaign that launches today.
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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. now "good morning
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maryland." the mayor adam jones and some of the baltimore ravens are out there wanting to stop the violence of animals. they are asking you to show your softer side. sherrie johnson is here with details on what that means. >> reporter: well, today athletes are teaming with up baltimore cityayor to launch a campaign against animal abuse. baltimore oriole adam jones and fighter john roleo are joining the mayor in this effort. this morning they are lawn. the show your soft side campaign right outside -- city hall. it close athletes showing their pets some love with the message only a punk would hurt a cat or a dog. there's also a public service message for radioch the campaign with one the recommendation including a report from animal cruelty task force created after highly publicized animal cruelty cases including a pit bull puppy set on fire. this launch kicks off this morning at 9:30 at city hall in
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baltimore. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:45. howard county is pushing back the start date for new speed cameras to october 17th. they were supposed to be turned on saturday and the county officials say they need more time to make sure it is up and running. they will get a 30 day grace period in warnings will be mailed instead of tickets so you've been warned. listen up drivers in harford county after several years, 24 and 924 is is almost done. it's the gateway for getting into or out of town via 95. and it connects big shopping centers. as the population has expand, so have the backups. the design will take 95 traffic up and over the cars moving between the shopping centers. it was supposed to open tomorrow but that's been delayed by the rain. the new road is scheduled to open tuesday at 5 a.m. we are expecting to hear more in the testimony in the trial of michael jackson's personal physician conrad
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murray. testimony wednesday from the head of michael jackson's security detail was heard e talked about how jackson's two children were outside the room what the body was found. her personal assistant testified that he talked about a request he says the doctor made after jackson was pronounced dead. >> he said that there's some cream in michael's room or house i believe room that he wouldn't want the world to know about. and he requested that i or someone give him a ride to get it. the defense is arguing another doctor is partially responsible because he was given the pop star demerol shots without murray's knowledge. don't count out rudy giuliani. a top adviser visit withed -- visited with official in new hampshire many he was there to keep interest until giuliani makes a final decision.
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he said he would run again if the gop became "desperate." new hampshire holds the first primary here in the u.s. florida might have to put a wrench in the g-op presidential primaries altogether. state is now expected to hold its primary in january 31st. if that happens, it would most likely force the early states of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and nevada to leapfrog florida and move primaries earlier. the move is controversial because it would jump-start the nominating process a month earlier than leaders hoped. organizers of the national cherry blossom festival are make next year's celebration longer. to mark the 100th anniversary and a gift of the trees from japan it will last five weeks. plans for the 2012 festival are for art and history exhebts across the city and -- exhibits across the city and planting of a thousand new cherry trees. it's normally 16 days and starts the year on march 20th. and today marks national
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coffee day to celebrate pick up a free cup of coffee at mcdonald's krispy kreme and 7- eleven. many of us think of it as fuel to get your day started and it's fitting considered it's the second most traded commodity behind oil. more than 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed. but someone who never needs coffee because she is always caffeinated lynette charles. >> i am always caffeinated and i am high on life. we are doing pretty good in terms of starting to dry things up. i like this new weather pattern coming in. check out what we should be for this time of the year. on this date, 52 degrees for the low. and the record was set in 1951, 38 degrees. it was a chilly day. the high should be around 73. check out the record high. 91 degrees. it was a hot one set in 1945. highs yesterday made it up to 80 in baltimore. above average. we can see the 70s here. oakland about 68 degrees. 82 degrees yesterday in easton. this morning, temperatures are above average coming in at 69
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degrees in baltimore. 66 in easton. and check out baltimore's temperature around 69. now check out the dew points. 68. when they are close together the dew point and temperature you will be dealing with foggy conditions and that's what we have this morning. we have the low beams on stepping out and about. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we can see a few scattered showers around us and we can get in on the action going through the rest of the afternoon. just like yesterday, that is possible. you can see the counterclockwise spin the upper- level low plaguing us but it's going to be replaced by another upper -- upper level disturbance and cold front will move through. cooler conditions behind that going into the weekend. and i know a lot of people are excited about that. still talking about hurricane season. doesn't end until the end of november. felipe and ophelia won't be affecting us. future radar not picking up on a lot, but take the umbrella today because showers and storms are possible. it's going to be warm and humid. the temperature will be at 77.
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a bit cooler as we go through tonight with the temperature coming in around 57. tomorrow, 73, partly cloudy and a stray shower is possible. check out the 7-day forecast. jumping into the weekend, the ravens are playing and i this the game will be dry and nice and cool for football. take it away. >> reporter: that will make a lot of fans happy. earlier accidents are clear 27th and howard and jfx northbound so you don't have to worry about those. looking at our live traffic cameras which you can look at at home at and click on traffic. this is the beltway on the northwest side at old court road. most of our traffic on outer loop to the right. 95 north of white marsh boulevard we have steady traffic in both directions. the inbound traffic is to the right of the screen. and starting to get more volume there. southbound of the fort mchenry tunnel we have broken down car in the right tube in the right lane. charley. after days of uncertainty, nasa says they may have new information on the downed
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satellite. remember the talk about that last week? where they think it came crashing down here on earth. we will let you know. and they are not hitting the -- head together playoffs but the o had a hand in deciding post season. we will look at that when "good morning maryland" returns. thank you for starting your thursday with us. ñwñ[=
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five things know on this thursday morning. the house is on course to spas -- pass a one week spending bill. the measure is expect to be approved by unanimous conwhich is important because a single objection would force them to return to work tomorrow to head off a shutdown with the fiscal year starting saturday. amanda knox attorneys will deliver final arguments in the courtroom. the final verdict is expected by as late as monday. she was convicted along with her ex-boyfriend of the murder of a house mate and was sentenced to 26 years in prison. prows cutors want the sentencing to -- prosecutors want the sentence hing to lengthened. the justice department isjoining calls for a supreme court review of the president's health care overhaul.
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26 states oppose it and the obama administration wants a up or down ruling before the election that aims to extend insurance coverages to more than 30 million americans. nasa has an idea where the dead satellite came crash down. they say it fell to earth in a remote part of the pacific ocean early saturday. the event almost all but wentunnoticed because the crash landing was near christmas island. and the orioles drove a dagger in the hearts of the red sox fans with the 9th inning comeback. the 9th inning walk off single completed the 4th comeback win over boston setting the stage to end the sox run. in south florida tampa beat the yankees in 1 earning the a the rays al wild card one game ahead of boston. teen is recovering after a field hockey game. how some are thanking coaches and parents may have saved her
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life. and they are normally found in beds, but how the creepy crawly creatures ended up in books in a midwest library. also one activists says it's time to take the plight of the unemployment to washington. what's in store. you are watching "good morning maryland" what's new, now and next on your thursday morning. the 6:00 hour is straight ahead.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." the number of listeria cases linked to canteloupe is on the rise and the death toll is going up. more on what's being done for what's being called the deadliest food crisis in american in ten years. >> reporter: why people living here along giddings avenue are refusing to pay parking tickets and going to court over it. and it's demolition day for an eastern shore family. i am sherrie johnson. more on the extreme makeover.
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>> that is straight ahead on this thursday september 29th. good morning.


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